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Jackson is 2 years and 2 months old.  This past week, he started speech therapy for him.  His pediatrician recommended he be evaluated since by the age of 2 he was not talking at all, so we did get him evaluated and were told he should do speech therapy twice a week.  We opted to go for once a week to start and see how things go.
I wanted to try and keep track of his progress and how the speech therapy sessions are going, so I thought that might be a good excuse to get me back to blogging regularly!!  Even if I do have to use old pictures :)
At the time of his first speech appointment, he independently said the following words:  Daddy, no, all done, uh oh, and oh no.  He will repeat some words like ear, eyes, mama, up, down, and probably a few more.  He signs all done, help, and more, but those need a lot of prompting.  He is actually just starting to sign help without being asked, but it's rare.
His first speech appointment went pretty well, actually.  We got in to the little room and his speech therapist Maria set up a little visual schedule for him with songs, play, and story on it.  She tried to get Jackson engaged, and he liked the song and chose wheels on the bus by picking the picture of the bus from her board.  He liked listening, but didn't do any of the hand gestures like he normally does with me.  She would periodically turn the music off, and he would whine, and she would say to him "oooh, you want MORE" and show him the sign.  He didn't actually sign it, but would smile when she said more.
After the song was over we played with this little ball game, where she was working on getting him engaged, working on following along when she would say "ready, set, GO" and then encouraging him to ask for help when he couldn't get the balls out himself.  He did pretty well and let her get close to him and would bring the toy to me as his way of asking for help, and she encouraged me to wait him out for eye contact as well as the cue of bringing me the toy.
He wanted nothing to do with the book, so she decided that was okay and we could sign all done and be all done.  Which Jackson was very happy about and headed right towards the door!  He waved bye bye and we were off!
I blame being pregnant.  Oh yeah, did I share on here that I'm pregnant??  16 weeks, woooohoooo!  First trimester was miserable, but I survived!  Anyway, I have some catching up to do!  I've finally edited all of January pictures of my kids, so we'll start there.  One day I will share CURRENT pictures of them, but that day is not today. :)

We've sort of been keeping up with preschool pictures, but not every school day.  Just when I remember!  Here's a few from early January.  Her outfits never cease to amaze me. :)
When the weather is nice, we wait outside for daddy, having stroller races and riding bikes.
And make silly faces, of course.  You can barely see her face rash here, but trust me, it was there, and it is STILL here.  We cannot figure out how to get rid of it!! 
Our backyard is pretty much toddler heaven.  Trampoline and sand box and bikes and balls and a playground... you can't go wrong.
These kids LOVE the swings.  Well, I suppose all kids love swings.  So we are pretty luck we have our very own swing set right in the back yard!
See that look below?  That's his "I know you JUST told me not to throw dirt in the fountain, but I'm about to do it anyway" look...
It would appear that I only took a total of 6 preschool pictures of Riley in the month of January... oops.  Better than none, right?
We went down to visit Aunt Jennie for a few days, and we went to the aquarium, which was a big hit!
And then on the way to dinner, we spotted this little trampoline jumping thing, and Riley REALLY wanted to do it.  We thought she might be too little, but nope!  She was so excited!!
Jacky boy is getting cuter by the day.  I just want to scoop him up and keep him this little for a lot longer!!
Jackson is really in to art projects these days.  He likes to scribble and paint and make a huge mess.  He is totally going to be the kid that colors all over the walls and furniture, just you wait. 
And Riley?  Gosh she is just constantly blowing me away with how clever she is, and how much she wants to learn.  She is dying to be able to read, she can write a bunch of words and can write the whole alphabet.  She can read a TON of words, and wants to know what every word says, and how to spell everything, and she just wants to soak it all in!  I love her little inquisitive mind!!
I think that catches us up for January!  Up next, February, which I will hopefully get done before April begins :)
I haven't edited all his 2 year pictures, but I know if I don't get this update written, it's never getting done.  So let's see what Jackson is up to at the age of TWO!!

Mr. Jacky boy is a crazy, fun, wild, energetic little dude.  He loves to place chase, and run all around the house.  He climbs and jumps and loves to ride scooters and bikes and going flying down his little roller coaster.  He LOVES to be outside, and would stay outside all day.  He loves playing with sand and water especially.  He's into all things that have to do with cars and trains.

He is still not really talking, although just recently he has started to pick up more words and is trying to repeat things we ask him to say.  Words he can say include: daddy, deal, eyes, ears "rowf" (for mouth), hair, no, yes, go, there, that, all done, and maybe some other ones I'm forgetting.  He is extremely musical, and can hum so many different songs I can't even count them all.  But it's a LOT.
He loves to dance and play with Riley.  He has a temper, and he throws things when he gets mad.  He's a biter, and is quick to try and bite Riley for the slightest indiscretion on her part.  He does not love diaper changes, and no, he is nowhere near being potty trained.  He still sleeps in his crib (and sleeps quite well in there!) and I don't plan on moving him in to a big bed in the near future.  He is obsessed with his paci and his "gray gray" (little blue lovey blanket), and wants them anytime he is tired or upset.

He gives hugs and kisses, and loves to snuggle before nap/bedtime.  He still absolutely adores his grandpa!!  He still has all his food allergies (wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, and cashews), and he has become a pretty picky eater.  If he could, he would have a diet of only waffles, pancakes, sausages, french fries, and popcorn.  Clearly we don't encourage that :)  He is now in the 80th percentile for height, but only 30th percentile for weight.  Tall and skinny!  Maybe I should start feeding him more of his all time FAVE treat... marshmallows!  The kid will do anything for some marshmallows!
He loves to help his daddy make coffee, and to help feed the dog.  He gets SUPER excited to do either of those, and SUPER mad if Riley wants to help too. He loves playing with marbles and coins/piggy banks, and he's a master of the ipad these days.  He loves Mickey Mouse, especially when his mama lets him come and snuggle in bed in the early morning and watch one episode. :)  He loves coloring (although he must be watched closely as he is one to color all over the table, chairs.... pretty much any surface within his reach).

He hates having his nails cut, and HATES having his teeth brushed.  It is an epic nightly battle.  You would think he's getting tortured!!  Every morning when he wakes up, he plays and sings in his crib for as much as an hour, before he stands up, throws all his blankets over the side, and starts jumping and chanting for me to come and get him.  95% of the time he wakes up in the best of moods!!

He is the most fun and spirited (and wild and crazy) little 2 year old boy I know
Tomorrow cannot be the first of February!!  That means that next month, well, in one week, Jackson turns TWO.  It can't be.  This little guy cannot be two already!!
It also means that his train party is next weekend, and I have done NOTHING (aside from hire someone else to make a cake for him) to prepare for it.  Nothing at all!!  Looks like I'm going to have a busy next week!!

Also, I got a new computer, a desktop, so I'm sort of trying to get used to actually sitting at a desk to do things like blog, and edit pictures of my kids, etc.  To be honest the lack of blogging has been simply due to the fact that my pictures are on my desktop, and I like to blog from my laptop sitting in bed.  Eventually I'll figure it all out. Or stop being lazy. :)
December really flew by.  It just came and went and now it's January!!!  We had a lot of fun, but I just didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have!  AND, I am crushed because somehow I deleted the pics I took of the kids sitting on Santa's lap this year, so I have no Santa pictures. :(  Oh well.
We picked out our Christmas tree!  Jack would not stay still for more than a second, luckily at least Riley cooperated for a few photos!
We went to see the amazing lights in Alameda!!  Jacky LOVED it.  Riley was disappointed there was no hot chocolate, but she had a good time riding on grandpa's shoulders. Jacky just kept pointing and wanting to touch everything and march right on to everyone's lawns (probably not allowed, but he was very determined!)
We took Aunt Jennie and Uncle Philip to our fave spot, the Lawrence Hall of Science!  Jacky loves that hand thing!
Jacky also LOVES playing with the cars and car ramps.  Can you find the baby below??
There's a place where you can build cool towers with these wooden blocks, and all Jacky wanted to do was destroy destroy destroy!  Luckily whoever created this masterpiece was long gone, or they would have been quite disappointed!
Ri ri and Jennie are like BFFs, so funny.  One day I hope we can live in the same general area as Jennie!  We are at least in the same state, so that's a start at least!
This next photo, I told Riley to "strike a pose," which I have never told her to do before, and this is what she came up with.  She cracks me up more and more every single day!
And then, just because, Jacky all dressed up in front of the Christmas tree.  He thought it was funny to go over there, say CHEEEESE and then run towards me laughing the whole time.  I love that little boy!!
I'm going to go ahead and get this out of the way so I can be all caught up with 2013, and move on to 2014!!  Here's what we got up to in November...

I took the kids photo location scouting, and thought, hey, maybe I can get some cute pics of them together (in their not well thought out, overboard stripey outfits... oops)
Surprisingly, they were actually fairly cooperative to begin with!
Aaaaaand then we started to lose shoes...
And then they decided it was time to get absolutely COVERED in dirt.
A few days later we went back to the same spot, this time we brought grandma and grandpa to do a little photo shoot. :)
And then, of course, some antics at home with the two crazy ones!!
Halloween was full of pumpkins ad art projects and fun fun fun!  Well, at least for Riley...  she was allll about the pumpkin carving.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0067
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0068
Jackson??  Not so much.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0069
So we have angry little boy pumpkin and one-tooth girl pumpkin.  That's about right.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0070
Oh well, as long as no gooey pumpkin innards were touching him, he was perfectly content.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0071
Riley got to dress up for preschool, and they sort of had a little mini parade, but not really.  But her little class was so cute all dressed up!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0072
I set up some "studio" Halloween portraits, and Riley's were super cute!!! Little Miss Doctor Riley, she's obsessed with being a doctor and giving people check ups!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0073
Jackson, well... I had plans for him to be a firefighter, and so I took his pictures with him dressed as a fireman, and then.... we decided he was actually going to be a giraffe.  Oh well.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0076
My mom and I took the kids trick-or-treating at the local shopping center, and then I took them up and down our street to see the neighbors.  And I only had mild panic attacks when people handed Jackson candy full of all the things he's allergic to.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0074
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0075
And trick-or-treating we went!!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0077
One day I am going to look back at these last few months of the blog and be very sad that I didn't post more frequently.  So while I don't really have the time or energy to do full posts right now, I really hope to change that starting in January.  These two monkeys are changing every day and I know not too long from now it will all be a bit of a blur, sadly.

So... short life update.  Ready, go.

1. Riley is absolutely loving preschool.  She loves her teacher, loves her friends, loves going, and it's so so good for her.  She's a pretty outgoing kid, and she's definitely very very smart, but she gets really shy around other kids her age.  And she is getting a little bit better at speaking up, but I can still see her get really quiet when surrounded by the other kids at school.  She is totally like me when I was little!!  And I am doing a pretty good job at taking her daily preschool picture, although I definitely forget a day here and there.  Here's all of October and some of November...
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0055
2. My kids are a handful. 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0060
Okay let me clarify.  They are super fun.  They love each other.  They play together and laugh and are silly and play chase and do all kinds of things with each other.  But they FIGHT.  Jackson is a biter and a hitter.  Riley eggs him on, and then she gets bitten.  They steal toys from each other just to listen to the other one scream.  Some days they are awesome, and some days are just flat out exhausting!!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0056
3. Riley has reached a defiant phase. Like she just will flat out refuse to listen, just for the sake of refusing to listen.  I'm thinking it's just a phase (she went through a crazy tantrum phase right around when she turned three, it lasted for 2 weeks and then she was back to normal, so I am hoping this is the same!)... but man it's testing my patience, that's for sure! 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0057
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0058
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0059
4. This little dude is 22 months old.  Almost two.  I haven't done a monthly update for him in... forever.  I feel bad.  Maybe for 22 months (in a few days).  He still isn't talking a whole lot, but man he sure is a musical baby!  He sings and sings and sings all day long!  He is so hilarious and spirited, and I have a feeling he is going to be a full blown terrible two year old not too long from now! 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0061
5. We have an awesome backyard.  And awesome California weather that means we can play outside all the way into December.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0062
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0063
6. Even though we have an awesome backyard, the kids LOVE to play in the front.  Riding bikes, playing chase, doing crafts, chalk, etc... oh and getting the mail, and throwing it EVERYWHERE.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0064
7. This guy is my little love bug!!!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0065
That brings us up to the end of October... next up, HALLOWEEN!!!
I'm the worst.  It's been a month.  Let's play catch-up, yes?

October 6.  My birthday.  I turned 27, woohoo!  Also got a special photo shoot done, just me and the kids!  The little ones were so well behaved, especially considering Jackson decided he was not going to take a nap that day!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0049
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0050
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0051
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0052
October 13... we got MORE family pictures taken, this time with Mark included. :)  Kids were, ummm, not exactly well-behaved this time (see running photo below).
family photos
To be continued.... so much catching up to do. :(
Why yes, I do do this every day before she goes to preschool (3 days a week).  Brushing her hair is clearly optional...  can I keep this up for the whole year?  I think YES.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0036