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One day I am going to look back at these last few months of the blog and be very sad that I didn't post more frequently.  So while I don't really have the time or energy to do full posts right now, I really hope to change that starting in January.  These two monkeys are changing every day and I know not too long from now it will all be a bit of a blur, sadly.

So... short life update.  Ready, go.

1. Riley is absolutely loving preschool.  She loves her teacher, loves her friends, loves going, and it's so so good for her.  She's a pretty outgoing kid, and she's definitely very very smart, but she gets really shy around other kids her age.  And she is getting a little bit better at speaking up, but I can still see her get really quiet when surrounded by the other kids at school.  She is totally like me when I was little!!  And I am doing a pretty good job at taking her daily preschool picture, although I definitely forget a day here and there.  Here's all of October and some of November...
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0055
2. My kids are a handful. 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0060
Okay let me clarify.  They are super fun.  They love each other.  They play together and laugh and are silly and play chase and do all kinds of things with each other.  But they FIGHT.  Jackson is a biter and a hitter.  Riley eggs him on, and then she gets bitten.  They steal toys from each other just to listen to the other one scream.  Some days they are awesome, and some days are just flat out exhausting!!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0056
3. Riley has reached a defiant phase. Like she just will flat out refuse to listen, just for the sake of refusing to listen.  I'm thinking it's just a phase (she went through a crazy tantrum phase right around when she turned three, it lasted for 2 weeks and then she was back to normal, so I am hoping this is the same!)... but man it's testing my patience, that's for sure! 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0057
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0058
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0059
4. This little dude is 22 months old.  Almost two.  I haven't done a monthly update for him in... forever.  I feel bad.  Maybe for 22 months (in a few days).  He still isn't talking a whole lot, but man he sure is a musical baby!  He sings and sings and sings all day long!  He is so hilarious and spirited, and I have a feeling he is going to be a full blown terrible two year old not too long from now! 
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0061
5. We have an awesome backyard.  And awesome California weather that means we can play outside all the way into December.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0062
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0063
6. Even though we have an awesome backyard, the kids LOVE to play in the front.  Riding bikes, playing chase, doing crafts, chalk, etc... oh and getting the mail, and throwing it EVERYWHERE.
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0064
7. This guy is my little love bug!!!!
MelissaBartlettPhotography-bay area newborn photographer_0065
That brings us up to the end of October... next up, HALLOWEEN!!!


12/04/2013 12:36pm

you are describing MY children as well, you are not alone. I feel I am constantly saying No and Stop....and yes, we have biting, hitting, snatching - you name it! but there are glimmers of deliciousness in amongst it all.


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